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Serving Youth Building Community

Committed to combating homelessness in inner cities

Since inception, Son of Memphis Non-Profit Organization has become one of Memphis’s most passionate and active grassroots 501-c3 organizations within the community. Today, we continue to help our city and community by offering programs and wrap-around services to assist with the under-served and mentally- challenged youth. The mission of Son Of Memphis Non-Profit Organization is not only to provide programs and services but to provide skill sets and opportunities for those we help. Through this, we hope to empower, educate, and heal these underserved populations so that they are able to in turn give back to their communities in a meaningful way.

Homeless in Memphis
Homeless Youth

Acts of Service

Serving Youth Building Community

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We run projects & work with youth all over Memphis and surrounding areas to empower, educate, and heal.

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Son of Memphis is dedicated to serving the local community by empowering and educating underserved youth populations through diverse and creative programs that provide musical education and entertainment opportunities.